Neural Pathways and Vision Boards

Neural Pathways and Vision Boards

A neural pathway is a path created in the brain when an action, thought or feeling repeatedly occurs. It creates a path much like a well traveled path in the grass. When we repeatedly think, feel or act, our brain creates a path so it is easier for us to do that thing. It becomes a habit, like driving the same way to work everyday. We don’t have to think about it.

These neural pathways can also be created to achieve our big goals in life. When we create a vision board, we create many new neural pathways. During the process, we choose images, words and phrases, which represent important things in our lives. We choose them based on our authentic selves.

When we see our vision board on a regular basis and feel the feelings associated with the goals we’ve placed on it, we begin to act as if we have achieved this goal. The neural pathway opens up and it helps us recognize opportunities we hadn’t noticed before. This is the science behind the success vision boards.


Our lives are always moving in the direction of our strongest thoughts. Our vision boards contain the positive images, words and phrases we carefully chose and curated. Daily seeing these visual representations keeps our thoughts centered on what we want from life and away from negativity.

This process is an amazing life tool. Have you been through a guided Vision Board Workshop yet? If not, I encourage you to get it scheduled soon.




*Because your CURRENT life comes from your past thinking.

*Your current thinking is your FUTURE life.

Don’t chance another minute without experiencing a vision board process. Where what you authentically want out of life is curated on a board, which can change the neural pathways to achieving those goals.



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