Whether in a business setting or in a home with your close friends, the process of building a vision board is the same:

  • We sit quietly and comfortably then
  • Walk through some relaxation techniques to remove the day’s stresses.
  • We learn to “shut down” and listen for our authenticity to bubble up.
  • We make notes about what we hear and the clarity of those thoughts
  • We search out words, phrases and images which represents that authenticity
  • And finally we create a board as a reminder of the clarity.
Vision Boards USA | Vision Brought To Life

The process can easily be catered to fit any situation where clarity is needed:


  • Career goals
  • Team building
  • Organizational goal setting
  • Family
  • Post illness
  • Post divorce

Jennifer is just crazy enough to believe that a vision board can fix any issue. Most issues require clarity for resolution. A vision board is the ultimate process to get to that clarity.

The most important thing a vision board accomplishes is clarity. Clarity comes from being intentional. We begin with quiet and journaling time to establish what’s really most important in your life and future. The result of the workshop is the clarity you discovered clearly depicted on the vision board you take home.