Vision Boards For Your Small Business

I am passionate about small business, especially start-ups in the ‘over 40’ age group. I believe in Vision Boards and use them with all of my clients. I was really excited to see this study and these statistics by Forbes Magazine:


The survey results show that business owners who take the time to visualize their company are more successful and more likely to reach their goals than those who don’t,” says DesMarteau.

Our brains have a way of filtering out unnecessary input. Our vision boards help our brain stay focused on what is important and allows the filters to remove that which isn’t. Opportunities leading to our goals are easier to recognize when we have clarity about what we want.

I believe in Vision Boards as a tool to keep you in ‘action mode.’ I don’t believe that you can create a vision board and sit back and wait for something to happen. Your vision board is a way to find clarity about your goals and keep them visually in front of you every day so you stay motivated. It should light a fire under you to keep you jumping out of bed every day. If it doesn’t, it’s time to contact me so we can ‘reset your mindset’ with a new vision board.

With that said,

If you are a business owner and haven’t created a business vision board in the last 12 months, contact me. It’s time to get your goals and vision back on track and take the steps to chase them.

If you are considering jumping into entrepreneurship, let chat. I’m a small business start-up consultant and I’m happy to have a conversation. The first one won’t cost you a dime and may just save you thousands!


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